Winger's Role in the Offensive Zone

Wingers have an important role in the offensive zone. When the attacking team has possession of the puck in the offensive zone, the wingers should constantly be moving in and out of the slot, cycling the puck in the corners and wreaking havoc in the crease. The more chaos you can create in front of the goaltender, the more difficult it will be for him to make saves. Rotating in and out of the slot and crease area will cause confusion for the opposing team's defensemen and goalie. This will allow you and your line mates to break free and open up more passing lanes to get the puck to the net.

As soon as one of your teammates is ready to tee up a shot, break to the net and try to screen the goaltender. Look for deflections and rebounds because the majority of the goals scored in hockey are on 2nd and 3rd attempts. The guys who are willing to park out in front of the goaltender will be the ones getting on the score sheet most often. You'll take a beating in the crease, but the results will be well worth it.

The center-man and the wingers must always be aware of one another and should always make sure that at least one of them is positioned up high, somewhere between the top of the circles and the faceoff dots, able to jump back and help out defensively if the puck is turned over. You'll hear the term "one man high" fairly often out on the ice. It's crucial to play smart defensive hockey in every zone, even when you're on the offensive attack.