Inline Hockey Pants

Mission, Tour, Valken, Reebok and Alkali are just a few of the manufacturers of inline hockey pants that we carry at Every roller hockey player can find a pair of affordable inline pants quickly and easily at Hockey Giant, whether you need youth, junior or senior inline hockey pants. Each model of pants that we carry come in a variety of sizes and colors with various features from model to model. Some of the variations you'll find when you're looking for roller hockey pants may include buckle belt closures, an elastic waistband, shin slings, reinforced knees and breathable mesh gussets.

Inline hockey pants are worn over the player's hockey girdle and shin guards as a part of their team uniform. The purpose served by inline hockey pants is essentially the same as that of ice hockey socks and ice hockey pant shells, which is to cover the pads worn on the shins, thighs and hips of the player. Sizing for inline hockey pants is based on the height and waist size of the player. We always recommend that you check the sizing tab on the product page of the pants that you're planning to order. Inline hockey pant sizing is pretty consistent from one brand to the next, but it's always better to refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer of the pants you're purchasing.

Before you check out, make sure to grab a few extra rolls of hockey shin tape and browse through the rest of our hockey accessories to see if you have all of the hockey tools and hardware that you need.