Ice Hockey Skates

Finding the right pair of ice hockey skates is quick and easy at Hockey Giant. We always carry the best hockey skates from all of the top hockey skate brands like Bauer, CCM, Graf and others. When you're shopping for ice hockey skates it's important to take a few things into account.

  1. First, figure out whether you need beginner, middle or top of the line hockey skates. Beginners and elite level hockey players use different models of skates because their personal needs vary based on their abilities and level of competition. It's pretty simple; high priced skates are made for high level players, and price point skate models are more appropriate for beginners and recreational level hockey play. Narrow down the list of possibilities by selecting a price range that works for you.
  2. Next, you should pick one model from a few different skate brands and compare the specs and features. For example, you could pick out a Bauer Vapor, Easton Stealth and Reebok hockey skate and see all of the specs and features offered. You can compare things like the average customer rating, weight of the skate, outsole material, heel, mid and forefoot fits and much more. If you need help interpreting this information, you can always call our customer service reps.
  3. And finally, check the sizing tab of the on the product page of the skates you're looking to order and find your size. You'll notice that hockey skate sizes are based on the Canadian sizing system. This means that, in most cases, your hockey skate size will be 1.5 sizes smaller than your U.S. Shoe Size. For example, if your U.S. Shoe Size is 9.5, Bauer, Easton, Reebok, CCM and Graf recommend that you wear size 8.0 hockey skates.

That's about all there is to it when you're choosing a pair of hockey skates. If you go through this process and still have questions about how to order a pair of hockey skates, feel free to contact our hockey experts in customer service. They'll gladly help you find the perfect pair of hockey skates. Or you can read through our Hockey Skates Buying Guide.

Take a look through our hockey accessories to find the tools and accessories that you'll use to maintain your hockey skates. Having an extra pair of skate laces and replacement steel runners in your hockey bag is always a smart move. And if you lose an edge on your blades, you can quickly smooth out the nicks with a hand stone or handheld skate sharpening tool.

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