How to Improve Your Backhand Shot

Backhand shots are tough for goaltenders to handle because they're unpredictable and hard to read as the puck leaves the blade. In recent years, many have stated that the backhand shot is something of a lost art. But it is an incredibly useful shot that should not be neglected. When taking a backhand shot the puck should rest near the heel of the blade and roll towards the toe as your shot is released. Much like the mechanics of a wrist shot, in order to generate a harder shot you should transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot as the shot is being loaded and released.

Players often have a poor backhand shot because they do not follow through as the puck is released. Following through on your shot will increase accuracy and power. As you become more comfortable taking backhand shots you will most likely find that your follow through does not need to be quite as pronounced in order to put the puck where you want it to go.

The best way to improve your backhand shot is to simply practice. Don't just shoot aimlessly though – make sure that you're shooting to score every time. Pick corners, aim for the inner edges of the posts, practice shooting from tough angles on the sides of the net and release the puck as quickly as possible. Have someone pass to you so that you're forced to settle the puck quickly before releasing your shot. Accuracy and shot power are very important, but a quick release will catch the goalie by surprise so make sure you spend time practicing shot quickness.