How to Buy Ice Hockey Pants

Ice Hockey Pants Buying Guide

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Ice hockey pants are more accurately described as heavily padded, oversized shorts. Ice hockey pants are typically constructed with a polyester/nylon shell and cotton or foam lining that contains built-in, hard padding in the hips, thighs, spine, kidney area, and tailbone. In order to ensure full protection from your pants, the bottom of the pant leg should rest on the top of the knee cap protector of your shin guards; the top of the hip and spine protectors should reach the bottom of the rib cage and protect the lower back.


Ice hockey pants function as an important piece of protective gear. Considering the physical nature of the game (body checking, shooting, unforgiving boards, rock-hard ice, etc.), it is guaranteed that your body will take a beating, especially without proper protection. Ice hockey pants are made to fit comfortably and allow for good range of motion while still protecting the player. Manufacturers such as Bauer, CCM, Reebok and Easton offer several models of ice hockey pants within each product line with varying degrees of protection and features. Top of the line models are going to be more protective and offer more special features than recreational level pant models.


There are certain, basic features available with some hockey pants that are not available with others. Here's a list of a few options to consider when choosing the right pants for you:

  1. Drawstring for tightening the front closure of the pants
  2. Adjustable waist belt for tightening the waist band of the pants
  3. Suspender buttons on the front and back of the pants
  4. Inner-leg zippers which can be unzipped to increase mobility and ventilation in the thigh region
  5. Adjustable padding which allows the skater to achieve a more "customized" fit

In addition to these basic features, top model ice hockey pants are made with more breathable, durable materials that are anatomically constructed to provide the best overall fit and highest degree of protection and mobility.

Manufacturer-Specific Fit

Each manufacturer constructs their pants to fit just a little bit differently. Easton Mako Ice Hockey Pants are made with a slim-fitting, contoured design which eliminates negative space in the pants and enables the player to maneuver with ease. Bauer Nexus Ice Hockey Pants are made with an unmatched level of superior protection in mind, and offer a more traditional, looser fit that gives the player a bit more breathing room in the pants. Each brand and model provides a unique fit that each player will become more familiar with as they develop their own personal preferences in regards to the overall fit and style offered by each manufacturer.

Meeting Your Protective Needs

It's important to identify the needs of each individual player and find an appropriate combination of protection and fit based on the level of competition at which they're playing. If an elite level player is wearing pants with minimal protection then they are more likely to get hurt because of the speed and intensity of the game. When it comes to protective gear, it's never a bad choice to equip yourself with the best gear available, but of course it's not absolutely necessary for a Squirt B league player to wear top of the line ice hockey pants. You ought to select a pair of ice hockey pants according to how well they fit your body, the amount of protection you will need for the level at which you are playing, and your personal playing style. Always wear ice hockey pants that fit correctly, otherwise the pants will leave your body exposed in areas that need coverage, and may also limit your range of motion which can keep you from skating to your full potential.

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