How to Tape the Butt End of your Hockey Stick

There are several ways to tape the butt end of your hockey stick. The easiest way is to start about 6-8 inches from the top of the shaft and wrap the shaft with slightly overlapping strips until you reach the top. Once you reach the top you'll probably want to put a knob on for better grip. The size of the knob you create is entirely up to you. Simply wrap tape around the top of the shaft in line with the edge of the shaft or butt end plug that you've inserted, and stop whenever you feel like the knob is the right size for you.

A goalie will use a larger knob to prevent the stick from flying out of his hand when poke-checking. It's also much easier to pick up a stick with a big knob if you drop it on the ice because the knob elevates it off of the ice just enough to get your fingers under the shaft.

There are little things that players do when taping the butt end of their hockey shaft to add a personal touch. Some players use the tape to create a ribbed grip by unrolling about 8-12” and twisting it into a sticky rope that can be wrapped around the handle of the butt end before taping over it the traditional way. Other players will tear the leading edge of the tape on the roll in half and use thinner strips of tape to create a smaller butt end.

The way you tape the butt end of your hockey stick is entirely based on preference. Just keep in mind that the whole purpose is to increase your top hand grip.