How to Tape Your Hockey Stick Blade

When it comes to taping your stick, there are tricks of the trade that some players choose to employ, and others simply don't. The key is to make sure that any portion of the blade which could come into contact with the puck while you're handling it or shooting it is taped.

The traditional way to tape a hockey stick blade is to start at the heel and wrap the blade from bottom to top, overlapping each strip just slightly with the next pass, working your way towards the toe. But there's no harm in going the other direction... is there? Taping from heel to toe or from toe to heel is a matter of preference, and you will find your own way over time.

Because hockey blades are not perfectly square on all edges you'll notice that the tape may not go on perfectly flat and smooth, especially once you get to the toe of the blade. Don't worry too much about it if the puck isn't going to make much contact with that part of the blade. Over time you'll get better at taping your stick without all of the creases, folds and bubbles.