How to Replace the Blade in Your Hockey Shaft

Replacing the blade in your hockey shaft is a very simple procedure. With a heat gun, apply moderate heat to the hosel of the shaft where the blade has been inserted, rotating the shaft so that all sides are warmed. If you don't have access to a heat gun then a hair blow dryer will suffice, although it will take a bit longer than using a heat gun.

Depending on the heating power of the heat gun or hair blow dryer that you are using, it could take anywhere from 1-5 minutes of heat application before you will be able to remove the blade. The best way to avoid overheating the shaft is to simply check as you go, pulling with moderate force on the crook of the blade as you hold the shaft with your other hand about 15” up the shaft.

Once you've removed the blade and you're ready to insert the replacement blade, heat up the tip of a glue stick and smear the melted glue onto the hosel of the replacement blade. It is the glue that allows you to easily remove and insert the blade and, of course, it holds the blade in the shaft when it hardens and dries. So heat up the glue on the hosel of your replacement blade, slide it into the end of the shaft and you should be good to go.


  1. Do not heat up your shaft over an open flame. This will cause the shaft to become weak and brittle, eventually causing the materials to crack.
  2. If you're struggling to remove a blade that seems to be stuck in your shaft, do not ask someone to hold the other end while you play tug of war until the blade pops out. Put the blade in a vice and carefully pull on the shaft, and continue applying heat until you're able to remove the blade.
  3. Be careful to grab at least 12-15" up the shaft when you're heating it up and attempting to remove the blade. You will burn your hand if you grab too close to the hosel of the shaft.
  4. Tapered blades will not fit in standard shafts and standard blades will not fit in tapered shafts. You must use corresponding blades and shafts in order to achieve a proper fit.