When to Sharpen Your Hockey Skates

Skate sharpening frequency varies from player to player. Some players like to sharpen their skates before every game while other players only sharpen their skates a few times each season. It comes down to personal preference. The point of sharpening your skates is to allow you to dig into the ice with your skate runners so you're not slipping and sliding around.

Your weight and the hardness of the ice that you're skating on will also play a large role in how often you'll need to sharpen your skates. If you're a light player skating on hard ice then you'll probably need to have your skates sharpened more frequently than a heavy player skating on soft ice. Also, players who get their skates sharpened with a deep hollow, like 3/8", will need to sharpen their skates more often because a deeper hollow equates to thinner edges which become dull more quickly.

Generally speaking, if you get a knick in your runner that won't come out with a hand stone, then it's time to get your skates sharpened.