Hockey sticks are available in a few different forms – you can choose between a one-piece composite hockey stick, a hockey shaft and blade combo or a traditional wood hockey stick. There are various benefits to using each type of hockey stick. Composite hockey sticks are the most popular construction type because they're lighter than shaft and blade combos and wooden hockey sticks, and they also come in more variations that can be combined to more adequately address each individual hockey player's needs. Wood sticks are relatively inexpensive and provide the most "natural" puck feel. Hockey shafts are economical because they don't have to be tossed out if the blade breaks because the blades are replaceable, which also means that you have the ability to mix and match shafts and hockey replacement blades from different hockey stick manufacturers.

There are many features and options to consider when you're purchasing a hockey stick, such as the construction material, blade pattern, flex, length and shaft finish. Each of these specifications makes a hockey stick unique and enables you to find the perfect hockey stick for you. The price range for a hockey stick ranges from about $20 to $250, so no matter what your budget is we have a hockey stick that will fit the bill. Wood hockey sticks are the most affordable option but they offer less performance benefits than composite hockey sticks and shafts. In the end, the type of hockey stick you choose to play with is solely based on personal preference. Who knows? You may find that you actually prefer wood sticks over the most popular composite stick on the market.

Maintaining your hockey sticks is an important part of staying on top your game. Check out our assortment of hockey accessories where you'll find cloth hockey stick tape, hockey stick wax, butt end caps and other items that will keep your hockey stick in great shape.