Ice hockey socks and skate socks are essential pieces of hockey gamewear for every ice hockey player. Ice hockey socks are worn over your hockey shin guards and come in many different NHL team colors and solid color options. Hockey socks are typically sold in 3 different lengths: 20" (Youth), 24" (Junior) and 28" (Senior), though there are additional sizes available such as Intermediate and Pro. To secure your socks on your legs, attach the top of the socks to your garter belt or Velcro tabs on your hockey jock shorts. Then, you can wrap clear shin tape around the middle of your shin guards on the outside of your socks to keep your shin guards from slipping out of place and secure your socks so that they don't slide down your legs.

Hockey skate socks are worn on your feet to provide comfort and breathability for your feet inside your hockey skates. Some skate socks come up to the ankles, while others come up to the middle of the calf or all the way up to your knees. The length you choose is just a matter of personal preference. But you may want to take advantage of certain types of knee-high skate socks that come with Kevlar woven into the fabric, which helps protect your legs from cuts and scratches from hockey skate blades.

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