For most goalies, choosing a mask is like choosing an identity. Of course, a goalie mask is designed for the purpose of protecting your head from pucks and sticks while you defend your crease, but your mask is also the face that you wear every time you step on the ice. Hockey Giant has a huge selection of goalie masks with graphic designs at all ends of the spectrum. Younger players tend to prefer the flashy designs while the teen and adult players are usually more inclined to go with more traditional, classic mask designs. But the choice is yours, so go with the goalie mask that you can wear with pride and confidence.

When you're shopping for a goalie mask, you should always take a few things into account. First, you should figure out how much you can afford to spend on a goalie mask. The amount you spend on your mask directly correlates to the quality of the materials used in the construction of the shell, cage and internal padding. The more you spend, the better the materials and protective quality offered by the mask. Players competing at lower levels can get away with using lower-priced masks because the players in their league aren't typically as likely to shoot quite as hard as players at more elite levels of competition. We do not recommend that elite level players wear masks that do not meet their protective needs at a high level of competition. Always purchase a mask that meets or exceeds your protective needs.

Goalie masks come in Senior, Junior and Youth, and sometimes there are small, medium and large sizes within those age group sizes. Goalie mask sizing is usually determined by measuring your head circumference. Please refer to the sizing chart for the product you wish to order on the Sizing tab of the product page.