Every goalie has his own style of play and set of personal preferences when it comes to the gear he chooses to use. Butterfly, hybrid or standup, we have goalie leg pads that will suit your needs in net. Our inventory of hockey goalie leg pads includes top models from Reebok, Bauer, Warrior, Brians and others, at the best prices on the web. You'll find leg pads in every age group and size, from youth 18" to senior 38+1".

There are many features and options to consider when you're purchasing goalie leg pads. For example, you can choose leg pads with or without leg rolls depending on your playing style. You can also choose between leather or nylon straps, add a 1 to 2" thigh rise, varying knee rise thicknesses and different types of construction materials that provide comfort, durability and protection for your legs.

Sizing for goalie leg pads usually seems a bit complicated to most people who haven't purchased them before. Don't worry, it's not as difficult as it may seem. Each manufacturer has instructions for how to measure for goalie leg pads and, for your convenience, we've placed the manufacturers' sizing chart in the Sizing tab on each of the product pages. The best way to get sized up for leg pads and other pieces of hockey goalie equipment is always to try on the pads in a store or to check out a friend or teammate's pads.

Goalie leg pads are often the most expensive piece of equipment that a goalie will purchase. At Hockey Giant, we understand that our customers are often on a tight budget, so we do our very best to provide you with opportunities to save money on your goalie equipment purchases, whether you're buying a goalie mask, skates or stick. We know it can add up pretty quickly, so keep your eyes open for clearance items and discount coupons through our promotional emails.