Goalie blockers are worn for protection, on the same hand that is used to hold your goalie stick. Blockers are built with a glove attached to the back side of a rectangular blocker board made of foam and very dense inserts that provide a blocking surface for the top of your hand and wrist. Some of the leading manufacturers of blockers are Bauer, Reebok, Warrior and Brians, and we carry models from each of these brands for players in every age group from tyke to senior.

When you're shopping for a goalie blocker, there are fewer variables to take into account then when you're buying, for example, a pair of goalie leg pads. The design of a blocker is relatively simple, but there are still a couple of features that you may want to take a look at before making your purchase. Some blockers have straps that can be used to secure the glove around your hand and wrist. There are also slight differences in the angle of the blocker board when you're comparing a few different blockers, which can affect the trajectory of the puck when it deflects off the face of your blocker. Another goalie blocker feature to look at would be the foam inserts that are placed between the top of the hand and the blocker, which cause the blocker to be angled properly when facing a shooter. Comfort pads and side hand protection is also an important feature to consider because sometimes the puck sneaks past the blocker face and strikes the fingers or sides of the hand.

Sizing for goalie blockers and catchers is much more general than sizing methods used for leg pads, masks and other pieces of goalie equipment. There are really only 5 sizes of goalie blockers: tyke (age 2-5), youth (5-8), junior (9-12), intermediate (12-14) and senior (14+). The goal when you're sizing a blocker or goalie catcher is to make sure that your hand fits snugly in the finger gussets without being too tight so as to cause the hand to cramp. A proper fit will allow you to have better control of the blocker and the goalie stick. A blocker that is not properly sized will make it difficult to handle your stick.

Regular = Stick in RIGHT Hand | Blocker on RIGHT hand | Catcher on LEFT hand

Full Right = Stick in LEFT hand | Blocker on LEFT hand | Catcher on RIGHT hand

Full Right Regular Hockey Goalie Pads