Hockey girdles are designed to offer protection for your thighs, lower back, pelvis and tailbone, and they are worn under your inline hockey pants. Most girdles are made exclusively for inline hockey rather than ice hockey because they contain less padding and overall coverage for the player. Inline hockey is typically a less physical sport than ice hockey and therefore requires less padding and more mobility. Some girdles, though, are made for ice hockey and can be worn under an ice hockey pant shell. This is a good alternative for players who prefer the more form-fitting design of a girdle rather than the looser fit of ice hockey pants.

If you're an ice hockey player getting into roller hockey, just keep in mind that girdles are made to fit tighter to the body than ice hockey pants. Some ice hockey players like to wear their ice hockey pants larger or smaller than the recommended size. If you're one of these players, we suggest that you go with the manufacturer's size recommendation for the girdle you are purchasing. Even though the sizing dimensions for hockey girdles are usually the same as ice hockey pants, we would encourage you to always check the sizing tab on the product page just to make sure that your girdle will fit properly, even if you have a pair of ice hockey pants made by the same manufacturer.

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