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Hockey Equipment Sizing Guide

Hockey equipment should always be properly sized and fitted in order to ensure that you'll be adequately protected by your hockey gear whenever you step onto the rink. At Hockey Giant, we always encourage our customers to thoughtfully consider every purchase they make as it relates to finding the gear that will not only offer great performance characteristics, but will also provide superior protection.

Your hockey gear can only adequately protect you when it is correctly sized. When your hockey equipment is not properly fitted, it can leave you exposed in areas where you need protection the most and can also be cumbersome or restrictive, which negatively affects your ability to perform and can also lead to a greater risk of injury.

In an effort to provide our customers with the best sizing information available, we've created two distinct sizing databases:

Hockey Equipment Manufacturers Sizing Guide

Manufacturer-Specific Hockey Equipment Sizing Guide

This sizing guide is filled with hockey equipment sizing information for hockey players and goalies from individual manufacturers, such as Bauer, Easton, CCM and Reebok. Since the charts, diagrams and tables in this section are provided by the manufacturers, the information is more likely to help you achieve the best fit.

We recommend that you refer to the information provided in this section first. If you're unable to find the sizing information that you're looking for, then refer to the Hockey Giant Equipment Sizing Guide for general hockey equipment sizing information.

Hockey Giant Sizing Guide

Hockey Giant Equipment Sizing Guide

This sizing guide contains general sizing information for both player and goalie equipment. If you are unable to find brand-specific sizing information for the product you're looking to purchase, the Hockey Giant Sizing Guide will help you gain a better understanding of what size of a particular type of product might fit you best, whether you're looking at hockey elbow pads, shin guards, skates or any other piece of hockey equipment.