Hockey players wear many different pieces of protective equipment to cover just about every inch of their bodies with the hopes of preventing injuries caused by pucks, sticks, skates and collisions with other players and the ice. Maintaining and supplementing all of that gear is an important part of being a well-equipped hockey player. In the hockey accessories category on, you'll find all kinds of tools, training equipment, protective accessories, educational material and much more. Each hockey accessory serves a specific and important purpose in the everyday life of a hockey player. For example, hockey tape is used to tape your hockey stick blade for better puck control and it's also used on the butt end of the stick to provide extra grip for the top hand on the stick. As you can see, tape and other hockey accessories are almost as vital as the skates on a hockey player's feet.

Hockey Giant's hockey accessories include hockey jocks, mouthguards, hockey tape and straps for your stick and shin guards, skate laces, inline hockey wheels, bearings, spacers and axles, ice hockey skate holders and runners, hockey pucks and balls, protective accessories and so much more. Some hockey accessories are designed to add protection, like neck guards and slash guards. Other hockey accessories serve more functional purposes, like skate laces, skate guards and footbeds, which are necessary accessories for every hockey player but offer no protective purpose. And then you have other products like the many hockey oils, sprays and cleaners that we carry, which provide solutions for odor treatment, bearing and wheel maintenance and material strengthening.

And don't forget the many hockey games and toys that we have for both kids and adults. Mini stick hockey goals and nets are great gifts for kids, especially if they're too young to start skating but you'd like to get them into the sport early. You'll also find a variety of memorabilia and computer accessories with NHL team logos and graphics, such as beverage covers, computer keyboards and mouses, wall lights and clocks. All of these hockey toys and memorabilia items make great holiday and birthday gifts for hockey coaches, parents, players and fans.

Our inventory of hockey sticks, hockey skates and hockey protective equipment is second to none with all of the best products for youth, junior and senior aged players of all skill levels. We carry hockey apparel, equipment and accessories from top hockey manufacturers like Bauer, CCM, Reebok, Easton, Warrior and Brians, so you can always find exactly what you need, whether you're a hockey player or goalie.