Hockey goalies have a lot of gear to maintain because they require more protection than any other player on the ice. Toe bridges, knee lift pads, leg pad buckles, shin straps and goalie mask snaps are just a few of the many hockey goalie accessories that will help keep you well-equipped as a goaltender. Reebok, Bauer, Warrior and A&R make some of the best goalie accessories at the most affordable prices.

Goalie leg pad accessories, such as toe bridges, knee risers, and leg pad straps help goaltenders get the best performance out of their leg pads. Toe bridges are used to attach the bottom of the leg pads to the skates so that the leg pads move in unison with the goalie's skate movements and minimize unintentional rotation of the leg pads. Knee risers allow a goaltender to drop down into the butterfly position with greater ease by providing a thick cushion between the ice and the inside of the goalie's knees. Leg pads straps and buckles are sold as replacements for broken or worn out original parts. Some goalies like to use their straps somewhat unconventionally in order to allow their leg pads to flex in the most appropriate way for their playing style.

In addition to the many goalie accessories that we carry, we also carry every other piece of hockey goalie equipment including goalie leg pads, skates, sticks, catchers, and blockers. Our huge selection of goalie gear allows you the freedom to shop for the exact options that you want so that you don't have to settle for less.