Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

Easton Hockey Stick Curves

Easton blade patterns are offered in a wide variety of options for every hockey player, to ensure that each playing style and personal preference is accounted for. There are Easton blade patterns made for puckhandlers, snipers and blue-liners, so you'll be sure to find one that fits your specifications.

To view a collection of Easton Blade Chart Catalog Pages from the last few years, click on the link provided. These catalog pages allow you to compare the different curves that Easton has offered over the years and figure out which patterns are current, new or discontinued. We've also provided top and side views of each individual Easton curve, so you can visually compare each of the Easton Blade Pattern Images. At the bottom of the page, we've created a table which contains the Easton Blade Pattern Specs, such as the, curve type, curve depth, blade lie and blade length.

Easton E3 P3 Blade Pattern
Easton E4 P4 Blade Pattern
Easton E5 P5 Blade Pattern
Easton E6 P6 Blade Pattern
Easton E7 P7 Blade Pattern
Easton E9 P9 Blade Pattern
Easton E28 Blade Pattern
Easton E36 Blade Pattern
Easton P2 Blade Pattern
Easton P8 Blade Pattern
Easton P33 Blade Pattern
Easton Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Specs Chart
Pattern Name Curve Type Curve Depth Face Angle Blade Lie SR Blade Lie JR Blade Length Toe Shape
E3 | P3 Mid 1/2" Open 5.5 4.5 Medium Round
E4 | P4 Mid-Heel 3/8" Neutral 5 - Medium Round
E5 | P5 Heel 1/2" Open 5.5 - Medium Square
E6 | P6 Heel 1/2" Open 5.5 4.5 Medium Round
E7 | P7 Mid 1/2" Neutral 5.5 4.5 Short Round
E9 | P9 Mid 1/2" Neutral 5 4 Short Round
E28 Toe 1/2" Open 5 4 Medium Round
E36 Mid 1/2" Slightly Open 5 4 Medium Round
Discontinued Patterns
P2 Mid-Toe 2/5" Slightly Open 6 5 Long Square
P8 Mid 3/5" Neutral 6 5 Medium Round
P33 Mid-Heel 3/4" Neutral 5 4 Medium Round