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Goalie Stick Blade Pattern Charts

Goalie blade patterns are fashioned in such a way that they provide the goaltender with different aspects of enhanced or emphasized stickhandling characteristics. With the many options offered from each goalie stick manufacturer, such as Bauer, CCM, Warrior and Sher-Wood, it's worth the effort of familiarizing yourself with the various performance characteristics of each blade pattern.

For example, if a goaltender like to handle the puck and get involved in passing the puck to his teammates, a deeper curve may be preferable, as it allows the goalie to lift the puck with greater ease, thereby increasing his ability to make longer passes. On the other hand, if the goalie is primarily concerned with control and predictability while handling the puck or stopping a shot, a more moderate curve with a neutral face angle would likely be a better choice because the puck will be less likely to deflect erratically when a shot is stopped.