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When you are ready to complete your purchase, simply follow the easy steps below.

Placing an Order

1. Verify the size, quantities and details of the items in your cart.

Please review your cart to make sure the items in your basket are accurate and what you are wishing to purchase.

2. Enter Shipping Address

Enter the shipping address that you wish the order to be sent to. Please include any Apt or Suite number that may be part of the address.

3. Enter Billing Address

Enter the Billing Address that the credit card statements are sent to for the Credit Card you are using to place the order. If the address is the same as the shipping address you will not need to fill out this section.

  • Your name and billing address must be entered exactly as they appear on your credit card statement to avoid any delay in the authorization process. We reserve the right to restrict delivery to the Billing Address on an order by order basis.

4. Select and Enter Payment Options

Select a shipping method for your items and click "Apply.” This will allow you to preview the shipping costs that will be charged per shipping method.

5. Select Shipping Options

At this time, you must enter your payment method.

  • Select your payment method from the options listed. Please make sure to enter in the Card Verification Number correctly to avoid any processing delays.

6. Enter Coupon/Promotional Code (optional)

If you received a promotional code you may enter it here at this time. After entering the code click Apply to see the discount reflected in your Shopping Cart. Online Gift Certificates may also be entered here, please include the @ sign and then click Apply.

7. Email Notification

Hockeygiant.com does not share your email with third party companies. Please provide a valid Email Address in the box provided. This email address will be used to send your Receipt, Tracking information and any emails about delays on your order.

8. Review your Order

Once you have completed all steps above, click the Continue button to Review your order. This is a final glance at the items you are purchasing as well as the Shipping and Billing Addresses. Please edit any information that is inaccurate at this time.

9. Send Order

After you have verified that the order is correct click on the Send Order button. The order will not be placed until this has been clicked. On the following page you will see your Order Number and Summary. A copy will be sent to the email provided.