Winnwell GX-8 Senior Hockey Stick

Winnwell GX-8 Senior Hockey Stick

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Winnwell GX-8 Senior Hockey Stick

Our GX-8 Stick is a pure performance product at an affordable price. The 100% carbon graphite construction reduces weight and maximizes responsiveness while the 12K graphite weave ensures maximum performance & durability. This is an ideal stick for experienced players that want to get the biggest bang for their buck.

  • 100% Carbon Graphite Construction
  • 12k Graphite Weave
  • Weight: (Approx) 480 Grams
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Winnwell Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

Winnwell PS112 Iginla Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PS124 Drury Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PS155 Getzlaf Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PS119 Sakic Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PS161 Nash Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PSOV8 Ovechkin Blade Pattern Curve

Winnwell Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Specs Chart
Pattern Name Curve Type Curve Depth Face Angle Blade Lie SR Blade Length Toe Shape
PS112 Mid 1/2" Closed 5.5 Short Round
PS124 Heel 1/2" Very Open 5.5 Medium Round
PS155 Heel 1/2" Very Open 5.5 Medium Square
PS119 Mid 1/2" Open 5.5 Medium Round
PS161 Mid 1/2" Open 5.5 Medium Round
PSOV8 Heel 1/2" Very Open 5 Medium Round
Winnwell GX-8 Senior Hockey Stick
4.5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
Seattle, WA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A Great Touch Stick
July 12, 2013
This stick has a great feel for the puck. A very light stick, with a slightly thinner profile that takes a little getting use to, but stick handling and digging in the corners against an opponent are made much easier with the incredible feel. Pucks seem to come off the blade pretty well when shooting, but I really have a terrible shot, so I won't speak too much to that. Honestly, for the price I would say this is a 5 star stick, but knowing it doesn't really compare with sticks over $200, I figured a four star rating was appropriate. If you are looking for a durable stick, with good feel (without being too soft), at a very reasonable price, I'd say this is a stick worth trying.
Light, Great feel, Durable, Inexpensive

CA, United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

GX-8 stick
July 28, 2014
I've been playing roller for 10 years now and this was the very first one piece composite I ever purchased. I bought it on sale and when I received it was amazed how light it was when compared to my old 2 piece set up. I play defense mostly but was impressed with much more power I could put on my shots with this stick. It seems to be fairly durable too. Great stick for a beer league player. Not your fancy $200 one piece, but who needs that to play roller anyway??? Great stick for me that's for sure!
Lightweight Durable
Price (unless on sale)

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

smoking deal
February 1, 2014
got this on a instore promo at $55.00 , light , responsive and snappy for a mid level stick..
light , inexpensive.

Charlotte, NC
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Winnwell GX8 stick
January 14, 2014
So far so good. I have used this stick about a half dozen times and do not have a bad thing to say about it. It is fairly light and responsive. It seems to have more flex than what I am use to for the 85 flex range. It seems to accell with slap shots more so than wrist shots but that could be due to the lack of stiffness in the shaft. Overall I would definitely purchase again. For the price you are crazy if you don't. You will not find a stick close to this for $60!
Slap shot Price Feel look
Too flexible

southern wisconsin
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good stick
January 11, 2014
Bought myself one and one for my son, we both like these sticks. We both play competitive hockey and haven't had any problems with these sticks. I got the ov8 curve and have pretty good control on all my shots top to bottom. He got the 119 curve and likes that. We both mostly like using Easton sticks, when I saw the price on this I had to buy a couple and try them. I will be getting more of these when we need them.
light, strong, good feel with puck control
color selection?

go gators
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

You wont get a better stick at this price!
January 10, 2014
Received the stick over the holiday. I already have some playing time on it & am very impressed. My other similarly weighted, name brand sticks have been relegated to spares due to the performance of this stick. The stick weight is amazing and the balance is perfect. Puck feel is nice, the flex (85) feels spot on, and so far it's proven to be very durable. You'll be hard pressed to find a better stick at this price!
Price to Performance/Weight Ratio!

Beer League Schlub
New Jersey
2 Stars

Not worth the money no matter how cheap!
December 18, 2013
I recently purchased this stick as a experiment. My eastonSE15 finally broke and I haven't been able to find anything that has the feel or quick release for a snap shot. I have tried just about everything in the $100 range, and I figured I'd give Winnwell a try considering I LOVE the gloves!.... what a disappointment!
Looks Cool!
has no feel, shots drool off.....

S.E. Michigan
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 16, 2013
I bought one of theses about 2 months ago on sale. Just bought a second and plan to buy one for my son. I absolutely love this stick. Whats not to love? It's durable, light, and has a great feel. I really can't think of anything negative. I can't understand why there still available other than the "pros" couldn't possibly want anything but the big name.
price (even not on sale), light, durable, feel

Veteran Stick Purchaser
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best stick for the $
July 17, 2013
This is a terrific stick, especially at this price point. The blade has a nice feel, and the shaft has good pop. I bought this on sale as an inexpensive back-up stick, and it quickly moved to the top of the rotation.
The stick is light, has a nice, low kick point, and the blade has good touch to it, w/o feeling pingy. Is as good, or better, than the other sub-$200 sticks. Am not sure why these things haven't flown off the shelves...
Stiffness rating may be a bit aggressive. If you are on the fence between flexes, I'd recommend leaning whippier.

By Josh from Huntsville, Alabama on December 11, 2013
Would this stick be ok if your 6' 3''?
By Customer Service on December 11, 2013

You will need a 2 - 3" extender. It's 60". The longest sticks we currently offer are the Warrior Sticks you'll find on this search page. They're each 63", so you will likely be able to use the stick without adding an extender.

By Gary from Denver, Colorado on August 30, 2013
Which is closest to Getzlaf.Lidstrom curve???
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on August 30, 2013

P155 is the closest to the Easton P5 Lidstrom/Getzlaf.

By Michael from Dallas, TX on February 12, 2014
I'm 6'2" and 140 (tall and lanky) with not too much muscle mass. The stick I have now is 85 flex (Reebok) and I can hardly get any whip with it. Should I try 70 flex with this one?
By Customer Service on February 12, 2014

Yes, it sounds like the 70 Flex would be a great fit for you. Typically, the best flex rating for you is 1/2 your weight in pounds. In this case, 70 Flex is exactly half of your weight, 140 lbs.

By chris from chicago on November 8, 2013
Wich curve is closeset tovthe Kopitar curve?
By Customer Service on November 11, 2013

The PS119 will be closest to the W03 Kopitar Curve.

By DC from Minneapolis, MN on November 8, 2013
I wanted to get this as a gift for my husband who is just starting brand new with hockey and will play casually on adult teams. I have no clue what kind of flex or pattern to order. Is there a middle of the road cut I should be looking for for a beginner?
By Customer Service on November 11, 2013


The flex he ought to use is dependent upon his weight, and to a certain degree, his height as well. If he's average height and weight, about 6', 180 lbs, an 85 Flex stick will work well for him as a beginner. The general rule of thumb when it comes to flex is to take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2. In his case, 90 flex would be the recommendation, but since he's a beginner and will be developing his shooting mechanics and the muscles involved in shooting, a more flexible stick (lower flex rating = more flexible stick) would be more appropriate, which is why 85 Flex would be a good choice.

Of course, this suggestion is all predicated on the assumption that he's approximately 6', 180 lbs. Nevertheless, use that same rule of thumb in order to get a ballpark on the proper flex for him based on taking his weight in pounds and dividing it by two.

When it comes to patterns/curves, it's all a matter of personal preference. But, as a beginner, starting off with something basic an mild is usually best. If you were to purchase this stick, the PS112 or PS161 patterns would both be good choices because they are moderate curves, which will allow him to handle the puck well and learn proper shooting mechanics.

If you have additional questions, please refer to our Hockey Stick Buying Guide or feel free to call our Customer Service Center.

By Gabriel from Utah on November 29, 2013
I want to get this stick to replace a way too hard flex 100 I got. I do like how my stick feels except the flex.
Which one will be closer to my current RBK Sic Kick 7K P34 ?
By Customer Service on December 4, 2013

The 7K Sticks were relatively softer than most other sticks on the market. I'd recommend going with an 85 Flex. The P34 is a mild, mid-heel curve, similar to the PM9 (Bauer), P4/E4 (Easton), P42 (Reebok) and W01 (Warrior) patterns. The PS112 (Similar to Bauer P88 Kane and Easton P7 Iginla) is the closest Winnwell curve to the P34 Reebok.

By Brian from DC on November 10, 2013
What is closest to Warrior W1 Savard curve?

By Customer Service on November 11, 2013

The PS112 (comparable to Easton Iginla) will be the closest to the W01 Warrior Pattern.

By Steve from Chicago Illinois on September 11, 2013
What is the difference between each blade style? Besides personal perference. Is one better for playing forward over defense? Passing over shooting? Looking for a stick for a defense man.
By Aaron @ HockeyGiant.com on September 11, 2013

As a defensemen, I personally like the P112 pattern. Shallow curve, easy to keep the puck down, nice long sweet spot for slapshots and great accuracy for passing.

By Steve from Rochester on October 18, 2013
What is the stick length
By Customer Service on October 18, 2013


By Jordan from Chicago, Illinois on October 18, 2013
What is the closest Winwell curve to the Bauer PM9?
By Customer Service on October 18, 2013

The PS112 will be the closest to the PM9 Bauer curve.

By Patrick W. from Portland, Oregon on June 21, 2013
Question about blades on the Winnwell GX-8 Senior Hockey Stick:
What are the lies for each of the blade patterns?

Thanks in advance.
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on June 24, 2013

According to Winnwell, all of their patterns come in a Lie 5.5.

By DARRIN from west linn on June 21, 2013
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on June 24, 2013

I would say either the PS112 or PS161.

By Ralph from Boston on June 22, 2013
what are the lies on these sticks?
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on June 24, 2013

According to Winnwell, all of their patterns come in a Lie 5.5.

By Kevin from Andover, MA on August 10, 2013
Which one is similar to the Bauer Kane pattern?
By Aaron @ HockeyGiant.com on August 12, 2013

The closest curve to the P88 Kane pattern looks like the PS119 or the PS112. The PS119 is probably a little closer to the P92 curve and will make it a bit easier to get lift on the puck.

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