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Winnwell GX-8 Junior Hockey Stick

Winnwell GX-8 Junior Hockey Stick

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Winnwell GX-8 Junior Hockey Stick

Winnwell GX-8 One-Piece stick is he most high performance product in the market under $100. The 100% carbon graphite construction achieves a breathtaking weight of 480g while the true 12K graphite weave ensures maximum performance & durability. This is an ideal stick for experienced players that want to get the biggest bang for their buck. 100% graphite under $100... FEEL THE DIFFERENCE

  • Finish: Matte
  • Extended Pro Taper
  • Optimum Pro Balance
  • Pro Flex Technology
Winnwell PS112 Iginla Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PS124 Drury Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PS155 Getzlaf Blade Pattern Curve
Winnwell PS119 Sakic Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PS161 Nash Blade Pattern Curve Winnwell PSOV8 Ovechkin Blade Pattern Curve

Winnwell Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Specs Chart
Pattern Name Curve Type Curve Depth Face Angle Blade Lie SR Blade Length Toe Shape
PS112 Mid 1/2" Closed 5.5 Short Round
PS124 Heel 1/2" Very Open 5.5 Medium Round
PS155 Heel 1/2" Very Open 5.5 Medium Square
PS119 Mid 1/2" Open 5.5 Medium Round
PS161 Mid 1/2" Open 5.5 Medium Round
PSOV8 Heel 1/2" Very Open 5 Medium Round

Winnwell GX-8 Junior Hockey Stick
By michael from cincinnati, ohio on June 22, 2013
What is the lie of this stick?
By Customer Service on June 24, 2013


By Jennifer from Atlanta, Georgia on December 4, 2013
Is this a good indoor roller hockey stick? It is for a nearly 10year old.
By Customer Service on December 4, 2013

Yes, it would work quite well in that situation.

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