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Hockey coaches and team trainers, make sure you're always prepared to assist your players if and when an injury occurs. The best way to be ready for the routine bumps, bruises and cuts that happen over the course of a hockey game is to have basic medical supplies with you on the bench. We have first aid kits, ice packs, blister kits and pre-tape wrap, many of the simple necessities that you'll probably have to put to use from time to time.

If you've had a sprain, strain, muscle or ligament injury that still nags you while you play, a brace or compression sleeve may help you protect or stabilize the affected area enough to keep it from causing your performance to suffer. We carry a variety of wrist, elbow, knee and back supports from brands like Shock Doctor that will give you the comfort and confidence you need while you're playing. Always follow the doctor's orders when it comes to injuries that could result in permanent damage. We always recommend consulting a professional trainer or doctor when you're nursing an injury and would like to continue playing hockey.

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