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Hockey Skate Guards & Footbeds

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Hockey skate guards and terry cloth blade covers also come in different colors and several different sizes according to skate size. Hockey skate guards and skate blade covers both protect your hockey skate runners, but they do serve slightly different purposes. Skate guards are made of rubber and plastic unlike skate blade covers which are made with cloth. This difference allows you to use your skate guards to protect your blades even as you walk from your car in the parking lot to the locker room. Skate blade covers are used to absorb moisture on your blades after you skate and protect your blades from getting damaged while they're bouncing around in your hockey bag during transportation.

Hockey skate footbeds are sold in every skate size range so that players can take the stock footbed that comes with their skates and replace it with a higher-quality footbed, or supplement the existing footbed with inserts that are more accommodating to their own foot type. Sometimes a player's feet will develop blisters or bruises because of a pressure point or loose spot in their skate boots, which can often be addressed with a gel insert in the heel, tongue or forefoot.