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Protect your feet from the germs and bacteria that live in locker rooms and showers by wearing a pair of hockey shower sandals or flip flops. You never know exactly what might be on the floor of the locker room or shower at your local rink, and you really can't be sure if you're a hockey player on the road playing at many rinks outside of your hometown. Locker room showers are one of the top places where people contract athlete's foot, so don't go in unprotected.

Not all of our sandals are made just for the shower and locker room. We sell lifestyle flip flops and sandals that you can wear at the beach, the mall or anywhere else that you might want to wear your sandals. We recommend that you use a different pair of sandals for showering than the ones you may wear on a day to day basis so that you don't bring any of the locker room germs with you when you leave the rink or vice versa.