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Hockey protective gear, such as shin guards, shoulder pads and ice hockey pants come with built-in straps and belts that help you secure the pads to your body so that they don't shift around while you play. Sometimes these parts wear down and need to be replaced, or they may simply need to be supplemented so that your pads fit the way that you want them to.

Hockey shin tape is used on the outside of your ice hockey socks or inline hockey pants to help secure your shin guards around your legs and keep your socks or pants from sliding up and down your legs as you skate. The same can be accomplished with the use of hockey shin guard straps which are secured with velcro. Ice hockey pants are secured with a waist belt and sometimes these belts break, so if you need a replacement belt, we have a few options in stock for you.

Whether you're an ice hockey player or an inline hockey player, you probably use cloth tape on your hockey stick blade and shaft. Some players use friction tape, but cloth tape is more commonly used. Wrapping your hockey stick blade with tape increases your ability to control the puck and it also helps protect the blade from the sharp blades of other players' skates. Taping the handle of your hockey shaft will give your top hand a better grip on the stick and increase your control.