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Hockey Skate Tools & Hardware

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Ice hockey skates and inline hockey skates are pretty durable and don't require a whole lot of maintenance, but from time to time you will need to give your hockey skates a little bit of extra attention to make sure that they're in top form. Hockey Giant sells a variety of hockey accessories for skates that don't just help you maintain your skates; many of these tools and pieces of hardware also improve the functionality, comfort and performance of the skates. For example, take the Edge Again Handheld Sharpener or the A&R Hockey Lace Bite Pad – each of these products serves a specific purpose and helps you stay on top of your game.

We also have a variety of bolts and nuts for hockey skate holders and runners, shammy cloths for drying off your runners before you place them in your hockey bag, skate fenders that provide some added protection for your feet from pucks, skates and hockey sticks. Keeping yourself well equipped with hockey skate tools and hardware will give you the peace of mind you need every time you step onto the ice because you'll know that you're fully prepared.