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In order to remain in good, working order, hockey equipment has to be taken care of and properly maintained. Whether you're dealing with hockey skates, mouthguards, inline hockey wheels or bearings, there are components that require a reasonable amount of upkeep. Some of the solutions and cleaners that we carry include anti-fog spray for hockey shields and visors, bearing cleaner and lubricant, hockey equipment deodorizer spray and inline hockey wheel cleaning solution.

Taking care of your hockey equipment and accessories will help you get the best performance out them, and you will also be able to increase the life of each of the products you use. By using bearing cleaner, you can keep your bearings spinning quickly and smoothly, and when you combine that with your clean, grippy wheels, it will feel like you're skating on a brand new set of wheels and bearings. Nobody likes stinky gear, which is why every hockey player should keep a bottle of deodorizing spray in his bag. Seeing out of a foggy visor is almost impossible and can make for a pretty dangerous situation when you're playing hockey at high speeds. Keep your visor clean and clear with anti-fog spray and wipes.