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Regulation hockey goals are built to a set of very specific dimensions so that every goal used in a hockey game is the exact same size. The opening of an NHL regulation hockey goal is 72" x 48", which is equal to 6' wide x 4' tall. The posts and crossbar of an official, regulation size hockey goal have a diameter of 2 ⅜". Whether you're playing mini-mite or collegiate level hockey, these official goal dimensions are used.

Hockey Giant sells regulation hockey goals, street hockey goals, training hockey goals, shooting targets, hockey goal backstops and much more, in many different sizes. Our variety of hockey goals, shooting targets and shooter tutors are offered in different sizes to accommodate the needs of each player as he practices at home or plays a pickup game in the driveway. You can practice your shot on a hockey goal of any size with hockey pucks and balls, but we do not recommend using an ice hockey puck with a street hockey goal or any goal that isn't made for use with ice hockey pucks.

Shooter tutors are great training tools because they encourage the shooter to place his shots with more precision and accuracy, rather than simply firing the puck into an empty net. Make sure to check out our variety of hockey training tools and accessories to find shooting targets and shooter tutors.