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Hockey Garter Belts and Suspenders

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These days, most hockey players wear jock shorts or jock pants, but some players still prefer to wear a traditional jock strap with a garter belt. Garter belts are worn around the waist and usually fastened with velcro. Attached to the waist band are 4 straps that hang down the front and back of each leg with button clamps on the end. The clamps are used to secure the player's hockey socks so that they don't slide down his legs as he's skating. Whether you choose to wear a jock strap and garter belt or a pair of jock shorts with velcro sock tabs is a matter of personal preference.

Hockey suspenders are worn to help hold up the player's ice hockey pants. Most ice hockey pants come with suspender buttons on the front and back of the pants near or under the waist belt. Not all hockey pants have suspender buttons, so make sure to check before you order a pair of suspenders. If your pants do not have suspender buttons, some models of suspenders can actually be secured around the actual waist belt on pants. If your ice hockey pants provide a good fit without suspenders then it's not absolutely necessary to purchase a set of suspenders.