Warrior Widow Grip Junior Hockey Stick

Warrior Widow Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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Warrior Widow Grip Junior Hockey Stick

  • True 1 process ensures the most consistent and responsive stick construction on the market, without artificial joints or weak points
  • Dagger Taper Technology features an aggressive 12-inch taper from hosel to shaft for increased lower flex on all shots
  • Multi-Bias fiber placement to reinforce internal shaft structure and improve impact durability
  • Carbon Elite construction uses the highest-quality lightweight carbon-fiber pre-preg materials
  • Pro-Balance blade and handle design for improved stick feel and weight distribution
  • Additional three-inch stick length to avoid use of heavy extensions and end plugs
  • D-Lite blade core features stable heel with super-lightweight toe for improved balance puck control
  • X-Stitch blade wrap carbon/aramid mix for increased durability and power transfer
  • Nipple Grip coating
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Warrior Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2011

Warrior Savard Blade, Savard Curve, Warrior Marc Savard Pattern Warrior Lidstrom Blade, Lidstrom Curve, Warrior Nicklas Lidstrom Pattern Warrior Draper Blade, Draper Curve, Warrior Kris Draper Pattern Warrior Vanek Blade, Vanek Curve, Warrior Thomas Vanek Pattern Warrior Kovalev Blade, Kovalev Curve, Kovalev Curve, Warrior Alex Kovalev Pattern Warrior Kovalchuk Blade, Kovalchuk Curve, Warrior Ilya Kovalchuk Pattern Warrior Gionta Blade, Gionta Curve, Warrior Brian Gionta Pattern

Warrior Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2011, Lidstrom, Kovalev, Kovalchuk, Draper, Vanek, Gionta, Savard
Warrior Widow Grip Junior Hockey Stick
By Dean from MN on August 12, 2014
What is length of these sticks
By Customer Service on August 18, 2014


By John from Virginia on August 29, 2013
What is blade W01?
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on August 29, 2013

The W01 Blade Pattern is Savard.

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