Warrior Ritual Pro Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2012 - Senior

Warrior Ritual Pro Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2012 - Senior

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Warrior Ritual Pro Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2012 - Senior

  • Pro-level protection and sizing in a lightweight package
  • Adjustable strap position offers a greater degree of strap placement customization
  • Combination of nylon and leather straps
  • Internal hinge design allows for flexibility through the knee and ankle while providing a sturdy structure to prevent pad shrinkage and settling
  • Exclusive post wedge panel provides increased protection to the outer calf while helping to seal the pad to the post when standing up with knees bent
  • Exclusive hinged knee design allows the outer portion of knee cradle to twist when going into a butterfly, allowing for a smooth rotation with minimal stress on your straps
  • Sliding toe bridge allows the pad to be worn snug at the toe creating a more responsive feel while allowing the full range of movement for the skate to drop to the ice during a butterfly
  • Squared-up design creates a complete seal across the ice when in a butterfly
  • Thin thigh profile allows the tops of the pads to overlap each other when in your stance and moving on your feet, thus increasing mobility
  • Exclusive "tabletop boot construction" allows the boot to sit and move on top of your skate, increasing mobility and coverage
  • Exclusive bindingless construction allows for a lightweight pad while increasing durability by taking away the typical wear points and leg pads
  • Rounded boot eliminates friction with the ice
  • New:Knee Leveler stabilizes the knee landing area providing a continuous landing surface
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Warrior Goalie Leg Pad Sizing

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Warrior Ritual Pro Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2012 - Senior
By Mom from Wisconsin on March 28, 2015
Where is this pad manufactured? Also, my daughter (15 yrs, high school goalie) has used these pads about 1.5 years (hers are made in China, for certain, so I don't know if they are exactly the same), and the edge on the inside of the bottom part on the boot, is worn totally through the edging, the material fraying and tearing. Only 18 months, and it's falling apart? That seems unreasonable.
By Customer Service on March 31, 2015

These pads would be manufactured in China. If your daughter is having an issue with the durability and quality of the pads themselves, it is usually something that can easily be fixed and mended by a tailor or seamstress.

Flat Face/Knee RollsFlat Face
Adjustable Knee LockNo
Channel MaterialHD Nylon
Strap/Buckle Material3 Leather | 2 Nylon
Straps (#)5
Toe AttachmentYes
Knee LiftsYes
Knee Breaks (#)1
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty90 Days