Warrior Ritual Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2013

Warrior Ritual Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2013

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5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
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Warrior Ritual Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2013

  • Exclusive bindingless construction allows for a lightweight pad while increasing durability by taking away the typical wear points on leg pads
  • Rounded boot eliminates friction with the ice
  • New "Knee Leveler" stabilizes the knee landing area, providing a continuous landing surface
  • All nylon straps with fast clip system with fast clip system
  • Internal hinge design allows for flexibility through the knee and ankle while providing a sturdy structure to prevent pad shrinkage and settling
  • Exclusive post wedge panel provides increased protection to the outer calf while helping to seal the pad to the post when standing up with knees bent
  • Exclusive hinged knee design allows the outer portion of knee cradle to twist when going into a butterfly, allowing for a smooth rotation with minimal stress on your straps
  • Sliding toe bridge allows the pad to be worn snug at the toe, creating a more responsive feel while allowing the full range movement for the skate to drop to the ice during butterfly, thus reducing stress to the goalie's ankle, knee and hip
  • Squared-up design creates a complete seal across the ice when in a butterfly
  • Thin thigh profile allows the tops of the pads to overlap each other when in your stance and moving on your feet, thus increasing mobility
  • Exclusive "tabletop boot construction" allows the boot to sit and move on top of your skate, increasing mobility and coverage
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Warrior Goalie Leg Pad Sizing

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Warrior Ritual Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - 2013
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Charleston, West Virginia
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Well rounded and thought out leg pad.
July 30, 2014
I'm a goalie dad and spent a long time reading reviews, watching videos and comparing products before buying as goalie gear isn't cheap, so when you buy you want the odds in your favor and with this pad, my son was the big winner. Okay, they're well constructed, the graphics you see are print, which I like as it means no extra stitching for pretty which can work loose. They're light for goalie leg pads and when you're getting up and down for an hour or more having played goalie myself, every ounce counts. These pads put the player in a natural correct stance by their shape and the curved inside toe allows for a smooth rotation and the top of the pads move past each other in a way that the player ends up in a picture perfect butterfly and allow for the quick recovery. The padding inside the leg allow for an easy lateral slide and protection. When the player is on the post, the pads on the outside calf keep the goalie in the correct stance while keeping the post closed, which helps with fatigue of trying to force a pad to hug that post while being ready to slide to cover the front of the net in a pass. The slide on the toe hook puts the goalie pads flat to the ice without the feeling of trying to force the pad down or trying to overcompensate with a long line between the skate and the toe making a solid controlled pad from toe to the top of the pad. All the straps can be moved easily so the player can customize the function to what they want. Easy rotation on the knee and shin putting the face out like an impressive wall. At the squirt age he looked like he had his own bunker in the butterfly. Two MVP medals and a tournament championship, the only wear these pads are showing at summer of 3v3 ice hockey afterwards are all those puck marks. I went with these pads because they are function over form and they incorporate a lot of simple things that all together make a goalie pad that keeps up with the skill of the goalie behind them. When a set of junior pads equal a car payment or more, you want them to last and these pads are built tough, when he's outgrown them, I have no doubt three more goalies will be able to rely on this piece of their gear.
Protection, I know these pads will protect my child's legs while other kids shoot solid rubber pucks at them and not feel a sting. Function, the little things that by themselves would be a gimmick, go together to make a hard job easier for the goalie. Tough, they're made well, and the parts that will break with the punishment they're supposed to take are easily replaced with the bag of maintenance parts that are included. Affordable, these pads work like top shelf without that top shelf cost, so you can still break for the rest of the goalie gear.

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