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Warrior Dynasty Hockey Sticks

Warrior Hockey has brough something new to the table for 2013! The new Warrior Dynasty hockey stick line features a Mid Kickpoint with a smooth full-lenth flex arc that supports full force shots across the entire length of the stick. Building on their AxySym technology that was found in the original Warrior Dynasty sticks, the new Dynasty AX1 Stick provides compression fibers on the back and under-sides of the stick that build up power and recoil into the puck. While providing stretch fibers on the front of the shaft to allow for easy flex loading.

Incorporating Hi-Fused and Strong Arm technology, the new Warrior Dynasty Sticks have the blade and shaft fused in higher up on the shaft to minimize blade twist, improve balance and blade responsiveness.

New & Improved for 2013 is the Dynasty blade construction. Twinspar blade technology allows for two carbon fiber support structures to reinfoce the blade core while minimizing bend and blade deflection by 40%! Carbon-plated glass fiber is used to help resist cracking and chipping while increasing blade strength by 40% as well.

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