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Warrior Rabil Adult Lacrosse Arm Pads

Warrior Rabil Adult Lacrosse Arm Pads

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Warrior Rabil Senior Lacrosse Arm Pads

Break through flexibility, protection and full-movement freedom from the multiple MVP. Drive and mobility are cornerstones of PR's MVP-recognized play, and for his signature Rabil Arm Pad, he wanted to offer elite athletes the lighter weight, ultra-flexible comfort that he runs. Warrior's exclusive VPS Foams save weight while boosting protection and airflow across the whole pad, and the multi-break design bends with your arms for natural movement.

  • VPS foams allow maximum air flow, increased flexibility and complete protection
  • Multi-break design flexes with your arm as you bend for maximum mobility
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Warrior Rabil Adult Lacrosse Arm Pads