Warrior Dynasty AX1 Grip Hockey Stick - 2013 - Senior

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Grip Hockey Stick - 2013 - Senior

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Warrior Dynasty AX1 Grip Hockey Stick - 2013 - Senior

  • Features:
  • AxySym Technology - Super Recoil Action
  • Mid Kick - Smooth Full - Length Mid Flex Arc
  • Hi Fused Construction - Twist Resist and Superior Balance
  • Strong Arm Geometry - Extreme Blade Stability
  • Hardcore X Blade Core
  • Carbonized Blade
  • Twin Spar Reinforcement
  • Aramid Sole Protection
  • Slick Grip - One-sided Texture
  • Velvet Touch Finish
  • Weight: (Approx.) 465g
  • Length: 63"
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Warrior Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013

Warrior Burrows Blade, Burrows Curve, Warrior Alex Burrows Pattern Warrior Lidstrom Blade, Lidstrom Curve, Warrior Nicklas Lidstrom Pattern Warrior Kopitar Blade, Draper Curve, Kopitar Curve, Warrior Anze Kopitar Pattern Warrior Kovalev Blade, Kovalev Curve, Warrior Alex Kovalev Pattern Warrior Kovalchuk Blade, Kovalchuk Curve, Warrior Ilya Kovalchuk Pattern Warrior Gionta Blade, Gionta Curve, Warrior Brian Gionta Pattern Warrior Kremlin Blade, Kremlin Curve, Warrior Kremlin Pattern Warrior Wisniewski Blade, Wisniewski Curve, Warrior James Wisniewski Pattern Warrior Chara Blade, Chara Curve, Warrior Zdeno Chara Pattern Warrior Zetterberg Blade, Zetterberg Curve, Warrior Henrik Zetterberg Pattern

Warrior Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013, Burrows, Lidstrom, Kopitar, Kovalev, Kovalchuk, Gionta, Kremlin, Wisniewski, Chara, Zetterberg
Warrior Dynasty AX1 Grip Hockey Stick - 2013 - Senior
By Andy from Oregon on May 14, 2014
How does this stick compare with the DT1?

By Jason from on May 16, 2014
The w88 curve from what I understand is a Bauer p88 clone. The P88 has a 6 lie and the W88 has a 4 lie. Is the lie the same or does Warrior measure differently? I like the P88 but am looking for an identical curve w/ a lower lie or less rocker!
By Customer Service on May 20, 2014

Warrior measures differently, but the lie is indeed slightly lower than the Bauer P88. I'd say it's more like a 5 or 5.5.

By will from st.louis missouri on April 21, 2014
Whats the longest size stick do you have of this item
By Customer Service on May 1, 2014

This stick is 63", which is longer than most Senior Sticks you'll find, at 60".

Weight465 Grams
Kick PointMid Kick
Construction MaterialHiFused Construction
BladeHardcore X
Shaft ShapeStrongArm Geometry
Shaft FinishSlick Grip
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty30 Days
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Stick Aid
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