Warrior Covert DT1 LT Senior Grip Hockey Stick

Warrior Covert DT1 LT Senior Grip Hockey Stick

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Warrior Covert DT1 LT Senior Grip Hockey Stick

When the chance to go top shelf comes around, you better have the best. Durable, responsive, & consistent, the COVERT is built to do ONE THING. Score more.

DT1 LT is built via True 1 construction: a truly single, one-piece stick featuring a fully molded shaft and blade. This allows better control and dial-in for flex and weight balance of the stick since there is no fuse or connection joint of a shaft and blade.

  • Carbonized blade
  • Aramid sole protection
  • Diamond Grip Texture
  • Dagger T2 Technology – Enhanced Low Kick
  • True1 LT Construction – Lighter Blade, Better Balance
  • TwinSpar EXT – Engineered Internal Structures Extend to Dagger Taper
  • Carbonized Blade
  • Aramid Sole
  • Hardcore X
  • XStitch+3K Blade
  • Enhanced Grip Texture in key grip areas
  • Length: 75 Flex = 60" | 85 Flex = 63" | 100 Flex = 63"
  • Weight: (Approx) 435 grams
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Warrior Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 - II

Warrior W01 Curve, Warrior Burrows Blade, Burrows Curve, Savard Curve, Fedorov Curve, Warrior Alex Burrows Pattern Warrior W02 Curve, Warrior Lidstrom Blade, Lidstrom Curve, Jovanovski Curve, Warrior Nicklas Lidstrom Pattern Warrior W03 Curve, Warrior Henrique Blade, Henrique Curve Draper Curve, Kopitar Curve, Warrior Adam Henrique Pattern Warrior W05 Curve, Warrior Granlund Blade, Granlund Curve, Kovalev Curve, Warrior Granlund Pattern Warrior W08 Curve, Warrior Kovalchuk Blade, Kovalchuk Curve, Warrior Ilya Kovalchuk Pattern Warrior W12 Curve, Warrior Pavelski Blade, Pavelski Curve, Wisniewski Curve, Warrior Joe Pavelski Pattern Warrior W14 Curve, Warrior Chara Blade, Chara Curve, Warrior Zdeno Chara Pattern Warrior W28 Curve, Warrior Yakupov Blade, Yakupov Curve, Warrior Nail Yakupov Pattern Warrior W88 Curve, Warrior Zetterberg Blade, Zetterberg Curve, Warrior Henrik Zetterberg Pattern

Warrior Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 II, Burrows, Lidstrom, Henrique, Granlund, Kovalchuk, Pavelski, Zetterberg, Chara, Yakupov
Warrior Covert DT1 LT Senior Grip Hockey Stick
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Fort Lauderdale
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great stick
September 18, 2014
great control and super light.

By vincent ferraro from ansonia connecticut on October 28, 2014
why wont this item show up in my shopping cart. ive tried many times and just bring me in circles
By Customer Service on October 28, 2014

Which option were you trying to add to the basket? It could be that the option you selected has just run out and will soon be removed from the site. We update the listed options once per day, but if an item goes out of stock and we haven't removed it yet, you'll see it online but won't be able to add it to the cart.

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