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Warrior Hound Dog Senior Shoes - Rasta - 2012

Warrior Hound Dog Senior Shoes - Rasta - 2012

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Warrior Hound Dog Senior Shoes - Rasta - 2012


  • Plush leather upper provides ideal comfort for living your life


  • Versatile, cupped outsole perfect for whatever
  • Extra padded insert to enhance your chilling experience
Warrior Hound Dog Senior Shoes - Rasta - 2012
By Everest from Ashburn, VA on September 21, 2013
How does the Warrior shoes fit?

I cannot wear current Nike shoes, also no Reebok. They tend to make narrow fitting shoes for people who have narrow feet.

How does this Warrior shoe fit? Is it wide and comfortable as Reebok and Nike basket shoes back before 2009?

Shoes that I am wearing now are Brooks (purchased in 2005), size 10.5; Reebok (purchased in 2009), size 10.5 (for the width, but the length is a little bit long).
By Jeremiah at on September 27, 2013

Warrior's shoe line was purchased by New Balance. New Balance shoes tend to run a bit wide so the Warrior shoes will also provide a fairly generous amount of width. If you know your New Balance shoe size, I'd recommend going with that, whether it's 10 or 10.5.