Warrior Franchise Hockey Gloves - 2012 - Senior

Warrior Franchise Hockey Gloves - 2012 - Senior

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5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
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Warrior Franchise Hockey Gloves - 2012 - Senior

  • 4-Bar-style design classic pro look with a refined traditional and feel
  • Create the perfect fit - choose from Wide, Narrow and Junior sizes
  • Tufftek/premium PU covering combination for the ultimate balance in weight and durability
  • Trilam layered internal foams for maximum impact protection
  • Micro Nash palm and gusset construction for vented, supple feel that dries soft
  • Blooming cuff for increased wrist mobility
  • Silver Shield wicks moisture and controls odor
  • Made in Canada
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Hockey Glove Sizing Chart

Measure from the base of your middle finger to the crease of your elbow. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey glove size. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.

Hockey Glove Sizing Chart
Age Group Finger Base to Elbow (in) Hockey Glove Size
Youth 7 - 8" 8"
8 - 9" 9"
Junior 9 - 10" 10"
10 - 11" 11"
11 - 12" 12"
Senior 12 - 13" 13"
13 - 14" 14"
14 - 15" 15"
Hockey Glove Sizing Measurement - Finger Base to Elbow Crease
Warrior Franchise Hockey Gloves - 2012 - Senior
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Simon W.
5 Stars

Perfect Glove
August 31, 2011
While the price of the Franchise is greater than most it's the best fittng an dmost durable glove I have even owned. The pair I own currently are from '08 and they are still good and dont even need repalmed and I play in ACHL D1 so they are used near daily. Warrior is by far the best equipment company in the hockey industry. I am much pleased.

By Christopher Rickard from Pittsburgh PA on August 20, 2013
What is the difference in fit between Narrow and Wide and how do you determine which is the correct fit?
By Aaron @ on August 28, 2013

While they're both a 4-Roll Style with the same finger lengths, the Narrow version has more of a snug fit, while the Wide version is more of the traditional loose fitting pro style that 4-Roll's are known for.