Tour Code Carbon MX Senior Inline Skates

Tour Code Carbon MX Senior Inline Skates

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4.5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
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Tour Code Carbon MX Senior Inline Skates

  • Tour Code Carbon MX roller hockey skate
  • Boot features: Pro memory form fit quilted lining
  • Labeda shadow frames
  • Labeda Extreme wheels with Bevo Abec 9 bearings
  • Size: 6.0 = 76mm - 76mm - 76mm - 76mm
  • Sizes: 7.0 - 13.0 = 80mm - 80mm - 80mm - 80mm
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Tour Hockey Skate Sizing Chart

Tour Hockey Skate Sizing Chart

SENIOR Hockey Skates
Senior hockey skates are sized to fit adults and full grown teenagers with a Men's US shoe size of 7 or greater.

JUNIOR Hockey Skates
Junior hockey skates are sized to fit kids in the range of approximately 8 to 12 years old with a US shoe size of 2 to 6.5.

YOUTH Hockey Skates
Youth hockey skates are sized to fit toddlers and young children in the age range of approximately 9 years old and younger with a US youth shoe size of 1.5 or smaller.

*Female Skaters*
The difference between men's shoes and women's shoes is 1.5 to 2 sizes. So, if you wear size 9 women's shoes, that translates to a men's size 7.5 or 7.0, which would put you in a size 6 senior hockey skate. More simply put, go 3 sizes down from your women's shoe size in order to find your hockey skate size.

Tour Code Carbon MX Senior Inline Skates
4.5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
3 Stars

Good for the price
February 20, 2010
These are decent skates for the price. They provide a decent amount of stiffness and aren't real heavy. <br><br>The wheels are so-so, they didn't stand up to hard stopping too well, but on a skate this cheap A+ wheels aren't expected. I didn't like the bearings at all, only use them for outdoors skating currently.<br><br>I do have a few knocks on these skates though. For me personally tour skates are too leaned back, the stance is too relaxed. This made these skates (and pretty much all tours) hard to skate in backwards since the boot didn't want to flex forward until the skate was pretty well broken in. <br><br>The tongue is flat out bad. On my right skate it wants to slip out of position and bunch up, very uncomfortable. No lace bite protection whatsoever. Wasn't a problem at first, but as the skates have gotten broken in they've lost stiffness (and I've gained strength) causing me to lace up tighter. Going to try lace bit pads to see if they can help.<br><br>Got a few broken things as well. The right skate has a hole right where that lovely scuff guard is. I think aggressive powerslides are more at fault than a lack of quality. On the frame on of the small cross members that connects the two rail broke. I haven't noticed a difference in feel, but I do have to be careful tightening the back two wheels now so I don't squeeze the frame.<br><br>I will be replacing these with Bauer Vapor RX60s very soon. The Code MXs shall be relegated to outdoor duty.

mx skate owner
5 Stars

great skates
September 19, 2009
These skates are great. i really like the abec 9 bearings. they are a big step up from what i had. these skates are also a reasonable price.

5 Stars

Great Skate
September 1, 2009
Great skate only difference I noticed between this skate and the next model up was the wheels.. which I didn't even use.. Tour boots are very stiff so I recommend not lacing the top loop so you have some ankle flexability

mx skater
5 Stars

bad bearings
July 5, 2009
I didn't like the abec 9 bearings which came with the labeda axle system. The bearings need to be worn down before the wheels will actually run free and provide effortless speed. Otherwise, my new tour mx skates provided me more of a workout instead of a means to higher speed.

5 Stars

Great Skate
June 13, 2009
Nice skate, wheels are a lil soft for outdoor rough cement play. About 10 hours and I have to rotate my wheels. The boot is a little stiff but breaks in nice if you tie em tight for a few games. The boot and frame are quite attractive and turn heads. A lot of other players think this skate is more expensive than it really is. Overall, great skate but be mindful of the size. I wear a size 10.5 shoe and ordered 10. Too big. I coulda probably have gone size 8. Dont be worried about ordering too small to fit. They run big.

5 Stars

Nice Skates for the price
March 27, 2009
I owned a pair of 8.8's in a size 9 and i wore a size 10.5 shoe. Don't listen to the sizing guide..if u have narrow feet you can go down 2 sizes and still have room for your toes. All and all these are good skates but the wheels arent great.

By Rob from spring hill fl on June 14, 2013
What kind of wheels come with this skate?
By Customer Service on June 14, 2013

They're the Labeda Extreme Wheels, specially made for the Tour Code Carbon MX Skates. They're "Hard" wheels (≈80A), made for indoor or outdoor use. The best use for these wheels is on smooth cement.

Heat Moldable-
Quarter Package-
Ankle Padding/Support-
LinerPro memory form fit
ChassisLabeda Shadow
WheelsLabeda Extreme
Wheel Configuration-
Bearings608 ABEC 9
Additional Features-
Made In-
WarrantyBoot = 90 Days | Chassis = 1 Year