Louisville TPS IC10 Response XN10 Hockey Stick - Intermediate

Louisville TPS IC10 Response XN10 Hockey Stick - Intermediate

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Louisville TPS IC10 Response XN10 Hockey Stick - Intermediate

The TPS Response XN10 is new in every way, shape, and form as it uses new raw materials, a new shaft shape, and a new blade manufacturing process. This all new stick for 2004 includes:

  • XN10 Graphite - XN10 is an amorphous carbon material that is more damage tolerant than standard carbon on impacts and has a better compression to failure ratio than Aramid fiber. Therefore, it has the has the ability to achieve the same flex and flexural strength with less weight and function, where normal carbon would fail.
  • A New Shaft Shape - The senior Response XN10 stick features an all new shaft shape as well as new shaft materials. The shaft of the Response XN10 is designed to have the most concave sides on the market today. The top and bottom have approximately 1/2 the amount of concavity than the broad sides. The concave shape allows the shaft to act more like a spring, thereby recovering more quickly during shooting.
  • All New Blade Design Blade - TPS combined their proprietary foam core technology with some of the toughest aerospace "prepreg" technology available while carefully orienting the best individual graphite plies in order to create their lightest, thinnest, stiffest, and strongest blade ever.
  • More Consistent - Since the graphite TPS uses is already impregnated with resin prior to the start of blade manufacturing, their new manufacturing process allows them to produce a more consistent blade in terms of weight and stiffness. Also, TPS's new manufacturing process produces a more consistent blade weight than other manufacturing methods because the resin content is preset which reduces the variance in the weight of similar blades by 75%.
  • Lighter Than Ever - TPS's new manufacturing process has been able to reduce the weight of a blade by 20 grams over their previous models. The overall lighter weight of the shaft, blade, and fully assembled system gives the player faster reaction time and acceleration when passing and shooting.
  • More Durable - TPS has increased the durability of the blade on the Response XN10 over their previous blades by eliminating the variables of the liquid molding manufacturing process. TPS's blade face impact tests have shown that their new blade manufacturing process produces a blade that is 30x more durable than the first graphite blade that they produced in 2000. In addition, the toe and the entire blade perimeter have been reinforced more than ever before.
  • 60"
  • 395 grams
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Louisville TPS IC10 Response XN10 Hockey Stick - Intermediate
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