Thermablade Elite Senior Ice Hockey Skate Holder & Runner Set

Thermablade Elite Senior Ice Hockey Skate Holder & Runner Set

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Thermablade Elite Senior Ice Hockey Skate Holder & Runner Master Pack

The key components that set a Thermablade apart from an ordinary skate blade are a battery and electronics integrated into the heel of the blade holder. These connect to a resistor which heats the blade to 5°C. A full charge lasts a minimum of 75 minutes of on-ice time, and recharging the batteries takes just 2 hours

  • Faster acceleration, especially in your first 3 strides
  • Skate faster and harder while using less energy
  • Tighter turns and increased control
  • Convenient charging station shuts off when fully charged
  • Slotted rivet holes for better alignment
  • Impact resistant holders
  • Heat treated, hardened stainless steel blades complete with anti-vibration fins
  • Blades can be rockered or hollowed to preference
  • Intelligent blade turns off automatically when not on the ice
  • Red LED on/off indicator
  • Proximity sensors located under the logos turns the blades on or off with a simple 5 second touch
  • Moisture resistant rechargeable lithium poly battery
  • Limited 1 year warranty from date of purchase
Thermablade Elite Senior Ice Hockey Skate Holder & Runner Set
By jackson swift from Richmond BC. Canada on January 1, 2014
Hello: I have a set of Thermablades, and my question is , when the steel runners are finally worn down , by multiple sharpening over time, can the existing runners be replaced by any generic steel runner at my local Hockey Store, or do i need custom steel runners from Thermablade?
By Customer Service on January 2, 2014

Unfortunately, Thermablade is out of business and it will be very difficult to find replacement runners. In addition, I'm not completely sure on this, but you may not even be able to detach the runners from the holders. It may just be time to replace the holders altogether.