Senior One-Piece Hockey Sticks

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Senior composite hockey sticks are typically between 58" and 64" in length, but the most common length is 60". This measurement is taken from the top of the shaft, down the backside of the shaft to the heel of the blade. A senior stick that is 60" in length is usually the right length for a player who is 6'0" tall, without the need to cut the stick down or add a butt-end extender. Senior composite hockey sticks are offered in flex ratings in the range of 70 to 115 flex.

As a general rule, players should choose a flex that is approximately half of their weight in pounds (i.e. 170 lbs = 85 flex). Personal preference, muscle strength, shooting style and other factors also play a role in determining the appropriate flex for a player, but the 1/2-weight rule is a good starting point. We recommend that, if you're a beginner, you start with a stick that is slightly "whippier" (more flexible... lower flex rating) than the 1/2-weight rule would suggest, and then as your skills and shooting muscles begin to develop, you may feel more comfortable jumping up to a stiffer flex.

Choosing a blade pattern is very important, but it has everything to do with personal preference. There are no "wrong" patterns, but your position, shooting and puckhandling tendencies should be the determining factors for the blade pattern that you choose. For more detailed information on the subject of which curve pattern is the best choice for you, please read the following article, entitled "How to Choose a Hockey Stick Blade Pattern". carries all of the best one piece composite hockey sticks from Bauer, Easton, Reebok, CCM, Warrior and other top hockey stick brands. Our selection of senior hockey sticks is second to none and you can always find great deals by clicking on the clearance option.