Sonic Hockey Grip Juice

Sonic Hockey Grip Juice

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4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
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Sonic Hockey Grip Juice

"Quench your thirsty wheels with Sonic Grip Juice. Our sports drink for wheels energizes your roller hockey game, race or fitness skate. Get more power, make quicker turns, and score more goals."

  • The unfair advantage in a bottle
  • Improves acceleration, turning, stopping, and scoring
  • Cleans wheels and restores grip
  • Prevents "slide-out" with anti-static additive that repels dirt
  • Water-based formula is safe for wheels (ammonia & alcohol based cleaners soften urethane resulting in drag)
  • Spray once on each wheel, wipe off with a clean cloth and you're good to go
  • Use Sonic Grip Juice on all smooth skating surfaces such as hockey rinks, ramps, & wooden floors. Not for use on rough surfaces.
Sonic Hockey Grip Juice
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

great spray
October 21, 2011
best spray ever all u hockey kids if ur mom wont let u get this or ur dad there thinking wrong because this stuff works great restores grip and last a long time

eddie reeves
4 Stars

November 18, 2010
well i got some of this gripy juice ages ago and to be honist it really worked on rink rats then i tryed it on some old batterd out door wheels it didnt make them the best in the world but they where still gripyer than what they where well worth $6