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Sherwood Nexon N12 Matte Senior Hockey Stick

Sherwood Nexon N12 Matte Senior Hockey Stick

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Sherwood Nexon N12 Matte Senior Hockey Stick


  • Blue: PP26, PP61, PP96, PP01, PP88
  • Charcoal: PP09, PP77, PP05, PP12, PP20


  • Weight: 430g
  • Length: 60"


  • With a unique one-piece spear shaft construction that eliminates the traditional joint between the shaft and blade and a thinner blade design, weight has been removed from the lower part of the stick. The balance point was moved two inches up for the lightweight and natural feel that the pro players demand. Never again will the stick feel bottom-heavy in your hands and this will allow for easier stick handling. You too can be a magician!


  • The advanced one-piece spear shaft construction from SHER-WOOD with enhanced low kickpoint will please the aggressive shooter. The unique construction allows for effortless loading with active response, giving the shooter a lightning-quick wrister or a deadly slap shot. With more loading capacity than any other stick construction available in the market and with the energy to be transferred directly from the loading to your shot, the N12 brings more pop, more power and more control to you. Once pressure is applied the response of the stick is maintained toward the taper zone to keep a control-snapped release when you need it. This is sure to please.


  • NEXON's exclusive shaft shape is a marvel of art and engineering. We refined the radius, the concavity of the sidewalls and the geometry of the shaft to create a stick that fits your game. Demanded by our professionals and designed for the highest level of competition, the new PRO-FIT shape has perfect hand fitting for unbelievable control of your stick. Additionally, the consistent flex profile ensures that the stick will behave consistently every time you step on the ice.


  • Multiple layers of carbon fiber strategically oriented from top to bottom provide a direct response with better energy return, more pop, and more speed. Through the advanced VARIMAX technology, you get end-to-end stability with torsion control for more accurate and powerful shots.


  • The shaft runs through the heel of the stick and is constantly in contact with both the ice and the puck. The player gets a tangible feeling of the puck for a pure body extension and increased control. Keep your head up and anticipate the play because you don't have to look at the puck anymore, you can feel it!


  • The blade has a light high-density foam core that dampens the high frequency shocks that are experienced when receiving passes, one-timers and slap shots. This provides you with more comfort and greater feel. The high modulus carbon fibre reinforcement increases the stiffness of the blade to reduce its deflection so you can hit your target every time you take a shot.
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Sher-Wood Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart

PP26 replaced PP87
PP09 replaced PP19

Sherwood PP26 Stastny Curve, Sherwood PP26 Blade Pattern, PP26 Stastny Curve Sherwood PP09 Ryan Curve, Sherwood PP09 Ryan Pattern, PP09 Ryan Curve
Sherwood PP77 Coffey Curve, Sherwood PP77 Coffey Pattern, PP77 Coffey Curve Sherwood PP61 Plekanec Curve, Sherwood PP61 Plekanec Blade Pattern, PP61 Plekanec Curve
Sherwood PP96 Bouchard Curve, Sherwood PP96 Bouchard Blade Pattern, PP96 Bouchard Curve Sherwood PP01 Smith Curve, Sherwood PP01 Smith Blade Pattern, PP01 Smith Curve
Sherwood PP12 IG Curve, Sherwood PP12 IG Blade Pattern, PP12 IG Curve Sherwood PP05 LI Curve, Sherwood PP05 LI Blade Pattern, PP05 LI Curve
Sherwood PP20 DR Curve, Sherwood PP20 DR Blade Pattern, PP20 DR Curve Sherwood PP88 LS Curve, Sherwood PP88 LS Blade Pattern, PP88 LS Curve
Sherwood PP10 LE Curve, Sherwood PP10 LE Blade Pattern, PP10 LE Curve
Sherwood Nexon N12 Matte Senior Hockey Stick
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Stick Aid
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