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7 Tips to Win More Faceoffs
The following list will help any hockey player win more faceoffs. Here are our 7 best tips to win more Faceoffs:

  1. Get Low - Good knee bend is critical so that you are low enough to the rink and you can use your shoulders more effectively to pull the puck back
  2. Communicate - Your teammates need to know where you are winning the faceoff to or they won't be prepared and you might lose possession anyways.
  3. Be Prepared - Even if you never take faceoffs you need to prepare to step in. You never know when there might be an injury or when the center might get bumped out. This could also come up on a 2 man penalty kill where faceoffs are even more crucial.
  4. Watch the Ref Closely - There is some debate here whether to watch the refs hand or elbow but it is different for each motion. This should help you with timing and having a clean initial swipe at the hockey puck.
  5. It's Not All About Your Stick - If you are a bigger player, you might want to use that size to your advantage. If you are able to tie up the other player then you may either be able to kick the puck back to your teammates or if they are aware of this move they can often come in and grab the puck to gain possession.
  6. Use Both Hands - Make sure you use both hands when pulling the puck back. If you hold the stick this way it will give you more control and more power to pull the puck back quicker.
  7. Improve your Hand Eye Coordination - This is the most important reflex to be a great faceoff man. This is somewhat of a natural skill but you can get better with practice, practice, practice. You will want to consider different hand eye tasks including throwing balls, having balls thrown at you, playing other raquet sports, or even video games(guitar hero).
  8. Good luck with your next Faceoff and let us know how it goes. If you are looking to become a better hockey player check out HockeyGiants Hockey Training Tools to find the right equipment.

    -J. Simkin