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Rink Rat World Cup Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

Rink Rat World Cup Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

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Rink Rat World Cup Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

  • Excellent for use on wood, cement and asphalt

Inline Wheels Sold Individually
Rink Rat World Cup Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels
By Glenn from Hoffman Estates, IL on June 12, 2013
I want to pick up new wheels for my son's skates.
This is my 1st time buying just wheels.
Are there different wheel and hub sizes? I'm sure there are, so how do I determine the ones that will work on his skates? He has CCM and the wheels appear to be the same size except the fronts which are smaller.
Just want to make sure they fit before I order.
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on June 12, 2013

There are several different wheel sizes (Most common: 47mm, 59mm, 64mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm) and 2 different hub sizes offered (608 Standard & 688 Micro). The best way to determine the hub size is to pull the bearings out of one of the wheels - the bearing will have either 688 or 608 stamped into the bearing chaser. The best way to determine the wheel sizes is to first see if it's printed on the wheels, though it may have been worn off by now if the wheels have gotten a lot of use. If that's the case, identify the CCM Skate model (i.e. CCM Vector 08, CCM Vector 02, etc) and then perform a search for the wheel configuration of the chassis attached to that skate model in your skate size. For example, Senior CCM V08 Inline Skates have the following configuration from front to back: 72mm-76mm-76mm-80mm. If you'd like to contact our customer service department, one of our reps will help you identify each of these things and assist you in the ordering process.

By Chris from Michigan on October 7, 2014
I have old mission senior rt skates with micro bearings. Will these wheels fit? And what other size wheel do I need? I use them outdoors only
By Customer Service on October 8, 2014

Unfortunately you're going to have a very tough time finding Microbearing Outdoor Wheels. I'm not aware of any that are currently being manufactured. This particular wheel is a Standard 608 Wheel. I'd recommend switching out your axles/spacers/bearings and converting to Standard 608. It will open up your options substantially.