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Rink Rat Hot Shot Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels

Rink Rat Hot Shot Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels

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Rink Rat Hot Shot Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels

  • Ice-Like feel takes the stress out of skating
  • The soft inner layer absorbs vibrations...translation: less muscle fatigue
  • Skate longer and harder like you were gliding on ice
  • Sizzling Speed Superior rebound (resilience) in Rink Rat wheels softer inner layer maximizes the energy you put in let you generate higher speeds in straight-aways and bounce out of the tightest corners

Inline Wheels Sold Individually
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Rink Rat Hot Shot Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels
4.5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
5 Stars

January 29, 2012
I have had these for a year and 2 months and they have cracked a little bit but i just keep playing hockey and i barely notice the cracks, i've done probably over 5,000 power slides and hockey stops in these and they r FAB!!!! i'm getting new ones in feb and i hope they last as long too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

5 Stars

benders beware
July 5, 2011
im 200 lbs and play at a high competitive/pro level. rink rats are the best i usually get 2 seasons out of them bout 40+ games. so if your wheel breaks in 2 games then its defected wheel and should be replaced under warranty.

1 Stars

Break easily
June 9, 2011
I got these with my Reebok 6K inlines. The second day I broke the front wheel (it just cracked and broke into two pieces) doing a spin on the front (and other skate's back wheel). I'm 180 lbs and occasionally skate aggressively and I can feel how they bend under pressure and consequently totally kill any momentum I have. I can't recommend these.

5 Stars

January 28, 2011
You get what you pay for and you get a whole lot more with Rink Rat than many other brands. Highly recommend and great wheels.

5 Stars

Great performance
November 11, 2010
I am 6,0" 200 lbs, which is on the larger side of roller hockey players. I n the past i have used cheap wheels and they cant handle my skating ability on rinks. They chip flake, or completely break apart during fast paced high enegry games. Mostly while braking and changing direction fast. THESE WHEELS ARE AMAZING. I was a firm beliver in there is no difference in quality , boy was i wrong these wheels are firm and have a ice hockey feel. I can skate harder/faster and have to flaking or breaking. I reccommend them to any hard core player.

3 Stars

poor durability
June 9, 2010
I love these wheels and keep buying new ones, but i was wondering if anyone else breaks the rubber part right off of the plastic from stopping too hard? These wheels last me about one weekend.

5 Stars

August 9, 2009
Dude these wheels are the best for anyone. Improves your speed and agility by a crap load. I can also hackey stop perfectly with these without any screw ups. I love it when i got empowered with adrenaline I feel like im the fastest skater on the Rink! =D

5 Stars

May 13, 2009
I don't have these exact rink rats but still mine are awesome definetly best deals

5 Stars

great wheel
April 24, 2009
alsome wheel and nice grip

5 Stars

rink rats
April 21, 2009
they are the best whells i have ever had in my life :P!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

awsome wheel
March 4, 2009
these have gret stubillity and awsome gripe, iv never had better wheels

5 Stars

Good wheel
December 10, 2008
This is the longest lasting best wheel for the money I ever tried. Whatever your new skates come with, change them to Rink Rats.