Rink Rat Hornet Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels

Rink Rat Hornet Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels

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4.5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
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Rink Rat Hornet Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels

  • Ice-Like feel takes the stress out of skating
  • The soft inner layer absorbs vibrations...translation: less muscle fatigue
  • Skate longer and harder like you were gliding on ice
  • Sizzling Speed Superior rebound (resilience) in Rink Rat wheels softer inner layer maximizes the energy you put in let you generate higher speeds in straight-aways and bounce out of the tightest corners

Inline Wheels Sold Individually
Rink Rat Hornet Indoor Inline Hockey Wheels
4.5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing Wheel
January 18, 2016
I'm 5'9" 165lbs and skate hard and stop fast, I generally go through wheels fairly quickly. Using these for a handful of games now, they barely show any wear, and respond well. A friend of mine told me about this website & I happen to stumble upon these wheels, I don't think I will try another brand. I also use abec 7 bearings on a maple wood court for those that are wondering.
Strong, good for speed

5 Stars

Great company great product
November 2, 2011
I have been using Rink Rat products for many many years. I used to go through wheels all the time. I have skated on just about every major brand. These are the only wheels that I will skate on. They will get better as you use them I played a lot more in college and after my last year I kept skating on the same set through at least 3 or 4 sessions of house leagues. Then I ended up giving the set to a guy on my team and he IS STILL SKATING ON THEM. They are a great product.

5 Stars

Worth Every Penny
September 27, 2011
I weigh 185 lbs. I used them at the collegiate level for an entire year, skating anywhere from 2-5 times a week on sportcourt flooring and then took them to an outdoor cement rink at the end of the school year to die. They didn't. They lasted an entire season of outdoor as well with nothing more than a few small cracks, and lasted me through the start of the next collegiate year before one finally got a deep crack in it. Never shattered. Best wheels I've ever owned and worth every penny of their price.

1 Stars

July 12, 2011
They fell apart from the inside... lasted 4 games... GARBAGE!!!

5 Stars

February 2, 2011
These guys arn't kidding, truly the best wheels I have ever used. Get 'em!!

5 Stars

January 29, 2011
best wheels ive ever used

mr. man
5 Stars

December 16, 2010
i like theese because alot of the time they only crack on the inside and not on the out side so there still skatable with crakkss there amazing

5 Stars

March 1, 2010
these wheels are so good when i used them in my hockey game i scored 6 goals because they are so gripy and they got speed 74a is the best weight you would want so anybody who is looking at these coments listen to me and get them.....

5 Stars

July 18, 2009
these wheels are the best ones ive ever had, best part is that they are on boss blacks

5 Stars

June 20, 2009
you guys so got to buy these wheels i had a tournement last weekend and played 3 games and guess what with these wheels i got a hattrick in my first game, 5 goals my second game , and 4 goals my last game so you guys have to try out these new wheels and remember these wheels are only at hockey giant peace

5 Stars

April 29, 2009
dude this is the best weels can even explain.<br>feels like ur really on ice

5 Stars

February 22, 2009
yo should get these best wheels i have ever owned for hockey and just skatin

By Nick Pindzia from palm Coast, FL on April 28, 2013
is this for a set of 4 wheels or just one wheel per purchase?
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on April 29, 2013

These wheels are sold individually.

By Justin from justinhcarson@yahoo.com on November 17, 2013
Black and yellow? Which one is that? It says that's what's available but I see a black one and a green/yellow one. I'm confused
By Customer Service on November 20, 2013

Sorry about that, here's a link to an image of the Black/Yellow wheel.